GET WIRED: Become a certified Electrician

The world we live in today is wired. In these modern times, everything around us is somehow affected by electricity, and our dependency on wires and circuits only grows as technology advances and our civilization progresses. As a result, we have a constant and increasing need for more skilled, qualified, and experienced electricians. Anywhere you go, anywhere you live, Electricians are in high demand!

Electricians install, maintain, and repair electrical power, communications, lighting, and control systems in homes, businesses, and factories. Job opportunities for Electricians are on the rise due to several factors: steady, continuing growth in the construction industry; older equipment in manufacturing plants need continuing repair, maintenance, and replacement; and constant demand for repair and service in homes and businesses of all sizes, According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, there will be as many as 60,000 new positions for Electricians in the United States in the coming decade. With a projected 9% rate of growth from 2016-2026, the Electrical industry is healthy and growing.

Electricians are paid well too! According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS), Electricians’ average annual pay in 2017 was $54,110. Salaries for entry-level positions can vary widely depending on factors such as location, but a Electrical Trainee (ET) certification, achievable through ATI’’s program, can propel beginning Electricians to higher rates of pay. With continued on-the-job learning, motivated, dedicated Electrical Technicians will find a reliable, profitable career path in a career with lots of room for advancement.

If you like working with your hands and you are good at solving problems and paying attention to details, then a career as an Electrician might be right for you! If you are looking for a stable career that pays well and that you can start relatively soon, then the electrician training program at the Advanced Training Institute (ATI) could be the right choice for you. At ATI, we provide people just like you with the knowledge and training to immediately enter the workforce as certified Electricians.

The Electrician program at ATI prepares students for successful careers in the electrical industry through hands-on, practical training to provide a real-world experience. At ATI, students learn electrical code, wiring installation, conduit bending, motors and transformer systems, as well as manual and electric industrial controls, and more. Graduates of ATI’s program are capable of working in residential and industrial maintenance environments, and executing new construction electrical work. ATI graduates are also fully-qualified and prepared to test for their Electrical Trainee (ET) certification.
If it sounds like a career as an Electrician might be right for you, give us a call to speak with an admissions representative to learn more. Come take a tour our modern Las Vegas campus and see our state-of-the-industry training facility. Check us out on Facebook to stay informed on important things like open houses and upcoming program start dates.
At ATI, we look forward to hearing from you. Our goal is to train students for success, and we want to help you get wired for your successful new career as an Electrician!