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It’s an Exciting Time to be a Personal Fitness Trainer!

Train for this Rewarding Career with ATI in as few as 10 Months

Times have changed, and COVID-19 has made the way we work and play much different. More people than ever before are working remotely from home, and this has created both positive and negative impacts on the workforce. For many workers, there has been a decreased work-life balance, and making time for a walk or a workout has actually become more difficult. Many people are also finding it increasingly challenging to maintain healthy eating habits. As a Personal Fitness Trainer, you can play an important role in helping others create and maintain healthy fitness and nutrition habits. 

Professional Personal Fitness Trainers have been busy adapting to today’s new environment, finding innovative ways to connect with their clients remotely yet effectively. In many ways, it’s never been a more exciting time to be a part of this awesome industry! The Advanced Training Institute of Las Vegas offers a PFT training program that can be completed in as few as 10 months. If you are interested in joining this rewarding field, here are a few reasons why right now is a great time to be a PFT:

Virtual Training Sessions: Technology is amazing! PFTs can now break free from the walls of the gym and take their training sessions anywhere, reaching more clients than ever before. ATI’s PFT program teaches students how to utilize today’s technology in order to successfully connect with clients remotely and provide them with effective and rewarding virtual training sessions. With ATI, you will learn how to build a virtual PFT business, how to conduct assessments and coach virtually, and new online sales and marketing strategies to build your clientbase.

Higher Demand due to Remote Work Policies: More people than ever before are working from home, and many workers are finding they now have less time to take a break from sitting at their computer for a walk or a workout. These remote workers need the motivation of a dedicated fitness professional. With more people working remotely from home, the need for personalized workouts from a professional PFT is higher than ever!

Enhanced Opportunities for Wellness Coaching: More time spent working from home has made maintaining healthy eating habits an increasing challenge for many people. This means a Personal Fitness Trainer’s role as a health and wellness coach is more important than ever! ATI’s program teaches students how to provide clients with personalized diet plans and nutritional guidance, as well as utilize the tools of social media and virtual training sessions to take advantage of these enhanced opportunities to provide clients with health and wellness coaching. 

With ATI, you can train to be a Personal Fitness Trainer in as few as 10 months! ATI’s Personal Fitness Trainer program is a comprehensive, focused program providing the knowledge and skills necessary to enter this rewarding field. At ATI, you will learn both theoretical knowledge as well as practical applications. ATI’s program teaches students how to create safe and effective exercise techniques, how to perform fitness assessments, and how to create workout plans based on assessment findings. Students in ATI’s program complete courses in Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology, Biomechanics, Exercise Philosophy, Strength and Conditioning, Corrective Exercise Techniques, and Supplementation. At ATI, students also learn an introduction to Business and Sales, including online marketing, so they can build or expand their client base.

Upon completion of ATI’s 10 month program, students are prepared to obtain the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certification. Professional certification demonstrates your level of dedication to the field, and shows employers and clients you have invested in your skills and training. With a diploma from ATI and professional certification from NASM, you will be ready to pursue your new career as a Personal Fitness Trainer!

If you are passionate about fitness and enjoy helping people improve their health, then a career as a Personal Fitness Trainer might be right for you. Despite these trying times, there has never been a better time to be a health and wellness professional. While we stay at home, you can offer personalized remote training sessions and nutritional guidance, and when we do return to the gyms, you will be fully prepared to transition to in-person sessions. ATI offers the comprehensive training you need to be successful in this field right now. At ATI Las Vegas you can get the training you need in as few as 10 months to begin an exciting new career as a Personal Fitness Trainer! Contact ATI today to get started!